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Adobe Illustrator

I am confident in Adobe Illustrator, creating vectors such as logos, posters and typography.


Adobe InDesign

InDesign is the software I am most comfortable using and enjoy using this program for magazine generation.


Adobe Photoshop

When editing photos or re-sizing files, I enjoy using photoshop to ensure all images are perfect quality
About Me
Hobbies, Interests and general information
This is where all the magic happens!
I like to fill my workspace with photos or work that I am inspired by. I have stacks of magazines and some layouts I designed all pinned up on the wall for reference.
My name is Kendall Jones. I am a second year student studying at the University of Cumbria in the UK. I'm currently inspired by all types of editorial design and typography.

I was born in South Africa and moved to Manchester to study. My second language is Afrikaans, which is really useful because it is similar to Dutch.

During my spare time I like to collect fashion magazines such as Dior, Elle and Vogue. I like to treat myself to an Oh Comely every now and then.

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